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Home of the VIKINGS! Vale is unique in that has a 4 day school week. As a 3A school, Vale School District consistently has the highest test scores in Eastern Oregon and the athletic teams have a long history of success. The football team has won more state championships than any school in Oregon (10) and the automotive troubleshooting team is the perennial state champion with several national championship trophies. We are blessed with teachers who love teaching and students who enjoy learning. In short, Vale is a great place to live and learn! Vale School Dist. Web Site.


Rinehart Stone House

The Rinehart Stone House, built in 1872, was the first permanent building in Malheur County. This rustic sandstone building was located on the Oregon Trail replacing an earlier log house built by Jonathan Keeney. The Stone House provided a wayside stop for weary travelers until the early 1900s. It was also a haven for settlers during the Bannock Paiute uprising of 1878 and served as Field Headquarters for General O.O. Howard. Today, the recently restored Stone House is a museum displaying period relics and photos, along with interpretative exhibits about the Oregon Trail. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the museum is conveniently located on Main Street South in downtown Vale. It is open to visitors from March 1 to October 30, Tuesday through Saturday, from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Special tours arranged by appointment. (541) 473-2070 Stone House Museum, PO Box 413, 255 Main Street South, Vale OR 97918.

Bully Creek Reservoir

Located only 9 miles northwest of Vale, Bully Creek Reservoir offers a full range of recreational activities. Full service camping is available. A shady picnic area overlooks the beach. The fishing and water sports are superb. Great boat ramp.

Vale Heritage Reflections Mural Society

The very first Mural “The New Arrivals” was painted in 1993 by Don Gray. There are currently , the newest Mural will be painted in August 2010 as part of the “Mural-in-a-day” project. Please Visit their site at

Keeney Pass

Located SE of Vale on Lytle Blvd.  Named after Johnathan Keeney adventurous pioneer who settled in Vale in 1863.  He built a log cabin as a wayside inn. The Inn was later sold and is now known as the Rinehart Stone House. On the Oregon Trail - Wagon ruts are still visable today!

Henderson Grave

Located just outside of Vale City limits on Lytle Blvd. stands the grave of John D. Henderson.  Henderson was an emigrant that died on the Oregon Trail.  A blacksmith in his party chiseled his name and date on the large rock near Hendersons grave.

Oregon Trail

Many Historical Markers along the Oregon Trail are near Vale. At Keeney Pass just outside of Vale, the wagon ruts are still visible today. You also would want to stop by Henderson Grave. Legend has it that Pioneer John D. Henderson died of thirst less than half a mile from the river on his Oregon Trail trek in 1852. The original rock used as a headstone is still visible.  For more Oregon Trail information visit

Vale City Swimming Pool

This approx. 80 x 45 ft. pool is heated by geothermal water.  Built in 1969, it is still a summer favorite of Vale residence.  The pool is open from late May through early Septmeber.  Pool activities include: Public and private swim lessons, aerobics & lap swim, open swim, family swim, and you can even rent the pool for private parties!  Call 541-473-3914 for more information.

Owyhee Reservoir

Completed in 1932 during the Great Depression, the dam generates electricity and provides irrigation water for several irrigation districts in Oregon and neighboring Idaho. At the time of completion, it was the tallest dam of its type in the world (it was surpassed about two years later). The dam is part of the Owyhee Dam Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The more than 400-foot (120 m) tall concrete-arch gravity dam is owned by the United States Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) and operated by the Owyhee Irrigation District. Haystack Rock Road is carried over the 833-foot (254 m) long crest of the dam.  Former Oregonian and then United States President Herbert Hoover dedicated what was the highest dam of its type in the world on July 17, 1932. Owyhee's construction served as a prototype for the larger Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, including the use of refrigeration to cool the concrete.

Fifty-two miles long, the Owyhee Reservoir offers some of the most spectacular vistas in the west.Full service camping, boat rental and mini-store are all available. The fishing is excellent and several boat ramps are available.Don't forget to stop to see the Owyhee Dam and its famous "glory hole" and museum. Tours are available upon request.

Leslie Gulch & Succor Creek

Known primarily for its stark, towering and colorful geology, the road to this scenic wonderland is about 25 miles south of Vale. Camping and boat ramp on south end of Owyhee Reservoir available.  Wonderful place for hiking. A number of rare plant species can found as well as habitation by Paiute Indians over 5,000 years ago. Also a habitat for California bighorn sheep, mule deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, bobcats and many species of birds.

Malheur Butte

The Malheur Butte is a volcanic plug. It is a place where lava flowed up through a hole in the ground and then cooled and solidified. The surrounding area around it, being softer material, eroded away, leaving the basalt plug sticking up above the surrounding area. This is all part of the Columbia Basin flow which probably goes back 15,000 years ago or so.The rock is slightly over 100 meters higher than the surrounding plains and the peak is 790 meters above sea level.


4th Of July Activities in Vale
2014 will be the 100th Anniversary of the Vale 4th of July Rodeo!  Enjoy the four exciting days of the Vale 4th of July Rodeo, widely known for its electrifying suicide race. The Vale Suicide Race rockets from the top of Rinehart Butte. Actions starts with the horses and riders slowly winding their way to the top. Then the thundering boom of dynamite starts two of the fastest paced minutes in rodeo. The riders barrel down the butte, swim their horses across the Malheur River and roar into the Vale Rodeo Grounds. The winner's purse is $2,500, with $500 for second place. 

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